Life as a Bookkeeper lately

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Working from home is the new normal but this has been my normal for about a year now!

I started a Bookkeeping business a little over a year ago and started working from the comfort of my home... Hold on! Did I just say comfort?

Well it doesn't feel comfortable anymore!

Between trying home schooling, the non stop screaming and fighting of the kids in the background, I almost have to leave my computer every 5 minutes to handle the little monsters or feed them! Is anybody else's kids hungry all the time?

Oh and I LOVE a clean and tidy home, it's crucial for my mental health :-), so there's this too!

Working with numbers demands extra focus, trust me, you do not want to mess things up, so.. my other option is to do most of my work at night when the place is quiet. But by then, I am EXHAUSTED and just want to go to bed(my happy place)! Haha in your dreams girl! Of course I don't get to go to bed, I stick with it, drink some tea and work until about 1am in the morning.

Bookkeepers have had to up skill and literally sleep on the ATO's website to keep up with the latest update (like there is something new/changed everyday minute) so we can delivery the best service and support our clients to the best of our ability.

In these particularly times, I support my clients not only as their bookkeeper, but also as a friend, a mother and a woman in business myself. It is a tough time for all of us and we are in this together.

But THIS WILL PASS! And when it does, we want to be ready for the other new normal coming and Mariah Carey says 'you will when you believe'


Ps: This is my first blog ever

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