Meet Emma

Qualified Bookkeeper & Accountant

Hi There!

I'm Emma, the face behind Evolve Books.

I was born and raised in Mauritius, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, my husband and I landed in Australia in 2013 and started on a massive adventure. I am now proud to be raising my young family here and call Australia home. In the first year I had my first born and within the next 2 years, I graduated with a Bachelor of Professional Accounting. This was probably the biggest challenge I have ever come across, I had to figure out motherhood and get over the culture shock, hustle to finish my degree and let's not talk about adjusting to the weather. Phewww! 


My background is in Financial Services and I have gained experience in this industry at various levels, however I believe that what sets me apart is my ability to see the best in everything and everyone and my passion to help people WinMy Biz is more than just my job, I value high ethics, trust and transparency and embrace diversity, the best feeling my heart can contain is the HAPPINESS of seeing someone with added value after I've helped in the best possible ways.

So that's about me, and hey, the other important thing you need to know about me is, that I LOVE to LAUGH. I swear everything is funny to me.


If you would like to get a feel of who I am and whether or not we can work together, let's chat!